full [ ful ] adjective ***
▸ 1 containing all that fits
▸ 2 complete
▸ 3 having a lot of something
▸ 4 unable to eat more
▸ 5 as much as possible
▸ 6 busy
▸ 7 body: large
▸ 8 clothing: loose on body
▸ 9 about flavor
1. ) containing the largest amount that will fit in a particular place:
The gas tank is almost full.
a full parking lot
full of: cans full of garbage
full to capacity (=with every seat taken): The stadium is expected to be full to capacity for the game.
a ) used for talking about how much of something there is in a container or place:
How full should I fill this pot?
half/three-quarters etc. full: This potato chip bag is only half full.
2. ) only before noun complete:
She is expected to make a full recovery.
a soldier dressed in full uniform
full details/instructions
I spent three full days in Paris.
to your full potential (=as well as you can): He is not yet playing to his full potential.
a ) a full member of an organization has all the rights a member can have
3. ) full of having or containing a lot of something:
Her life always seemed full of excitement.
Your pants are full of holes!
4. ) full or full up not wanting to eat any more because you have eaten a lot:
Would you like some dessert? No thanks, I'm full.
on a full stomach (=right after you have eaten a lot): You should never exercise on a full stomach.
5. ) used for emphasizing that something is as loud, powerful, fast etc. as possible:
He turned the radio on full volume.
Why is the heating on full blast on such a warm day?
a ) at full speed/tilt/throttle as fast as possible
6. ) busy:
I've had a full day at the office.
lead/have a full life (=with many different activities): She leads a very full life.
7. ) if part of someone's body is full, it is large, wide, or has a round shape, especially in a way that is attractive:
full lips
a ) a full/fuller figure a polite way of talking about the body of a large woman
8. ) a full piece of clothing is loose on your body because it contains a lot of cloth:
a full skirt
9. ) a full flavor is strong in a pleasant way
be full of yourself INFORMAL
always talking about yourself or your achievements in a way that annoys other people
be full of shit/crap/it OFFENSIVE
often saying things that are not true, especially in order to impress people
full of beans OLD-FASHIONED
very lively and full of energy
full on the mouth/chin etc.
directly on your mouth/chin etc, especially with a lot of force:
She kissed him full on the lips.
in full
completely, including the whole of something:
Fines must be paid in full within 30 days.
to the fullest
as much as possible:
My goal is to enjoy life to the fullest.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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